Outerwear shouldn’t just provide function. The beauty of our  site at VERITAJOY, an online shopping Singapore clothes site is that all items are beautiful enough stand on their own, and work as fabulous and fierce layering pieces to help create more looks out of your closet.

 Something like a classic jacket works well on all women. Whether you choose a timeless khaki hue, or want to really push the fashion envelope with a lace or printed jacket, it will look fantastic completely belted, worn slightly open, or even worn fully open. You’ll be amazed how the slightest difference of each option will change up your entire appearance.

 Bomber jackets are one of the biggest and popular fashion trends right now and for good reason. They add an edgy and modern look to all types of outfits. What’s wonderful is that they can be worn over everything from flowing maxi dresses, to simple top such tanks and bottom such as shorts. If you really want to look like you are on top of your sartorial game, bomber jackets look so fashionable and chic when simply draped over the shoulders. We highly suggest adding one to your wardrobe if you don’t already own one.

Vests are a must for every woman’s closet. They come in so many different forms, fabrics, and lengths, that there is a perfect fit for every fashion personality. Try everything from cropped vests and faux fur vests, to long fabric vests and fringe vests. You are going to find yourself reaching for one all of the time.

 Boost your style credentials by layering your outer wears, it is always a chic way to transit into a cooler climate or just a simply for layering.