Wed, 2016-10-12

Power Dressing For The Office Ladies

Workwear DOES NOT having to be boring! As a matter of fact, you can look fierce and professional, all the while showing off some of your own personal style. Take a cue from us and see what one of our favorite power outfits to wear to the office is. We would recommend you keep these key pieces in your wardrobe.  Best part is that you can easily swap out pieces to create new looks, even if you stick with the same formula!



This is great because it can be worn open, belted, or even closed for a variety of looks. You can even drape it across your shoulders for an elegant touch.


Structured Dress

A structured frock like a sheath dress is a must for the office. Just make sure that it is just fitted and tailored, and not too tight so that it looks professional.


Statement Necklace

A strong and bold, chain link necklace never goes out of style. Plus it adds a very chic touch to your work look.



You thought we were going to say high heels, didn’t you? Listen up office ladies! A sleek pair of loafers looks great for the office and are much more comfortable than heels. What's more, this is so in trend now that all office girls are ditching their heels for these comfy loafers. 

Blazer + Structured Dress + Statement Necklace + Loafers

So ladies, grab hold of these essential  pieces when you do you online shopping for your work wear wardrobe and power up your dressing for the corporate world.

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