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Timeless Pieces For A Perfect Wardrobe

Be prepared for every season of every year for a very long time to come with a cast of classic designs that never disappoint. And keep in mind that when purchasing these pieces, it’s always best to go for items to fit very well so that they look more expensive. You can trust our online fashion shop to provide the best of online shopping Singapore women’s clothing to add to your closet.

Keep scrolling for the top 10 pieces every wardrobe must have.

1.Button-up Blouse

A white blouse is a must for every closet. Wear it to casual outings, dinners out, and even to the office. Get one that buttons up all of the way so that you can layer it with a sweater when the weather is chillier.

2.Black Trousers

Whether you prefer then flared, straight, wide, or tapered, a pair of great trousers never go out of style. Just make sure that the silhouette is something you will want to wear over and over again.

3.Skinny Jeans

Want to know why skinny jeans have an advantage over other styles? Because you can wear them with all types of footwear from cute flats to comfy flip-flops.

4.Nude Pump

We love a great nude pump because the color goes with everything and if you get one close to your skin tone, it will also make your legs look elongated.

6.Little Black Dress

Other than a white party, we can’t really think of any event where a little black dress can’t be worn. Get one in a simple silhouette so that you can wear it to the office or for a night out like this gorgeous one from our online fashion shop.

6. Cocktail Dress

There’s always going to be a time when you need a fancier number, whether for a cocktail hour, office party, holiday event, and so on. Make an impression with a design in a rich color or one that has pretty embellishments.

7.Everyday Bag

You’ll need something that you can grab and go, and always look fabulous. Opt for a style that is not only big enough for your essentials, but also big enough for paperwork that you have to tote around.

8.Statement Necklace

You can go sleek and modern, or sparkling and jeweled, whatever your fancy. A fantastic statement necklace is perfect for dressing up all types of ensembles.

9.Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is a quintessential piece for a woman’s wardrobe. Pair with a classic white blouse for the office and a sweet camisole when going out at night.


Blazers not only look great, but they are wonderful for fighting a chill in the office or when outside. When you go with a navy option, it can even work well with warmer looks because it will give off a nautical feel.

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