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No one is created equal and neither are clothes. As women we need to cater to ourselves when it comes to fashion. Wearing something that fits and makes us look great is what gives us the confidence to move forward. There are clothes to fit every body type, you just have to look, and know what looks best.

There are four main body types to consider before shopping. Look at yourself and decide if you are a apple, pear, hourglass or rectangle shape.




Circle shapes (also known as apple shape) hold most of their weight in the midsection. They have narrow wrists and ankle and slim legs and arms. This makes them look shorter and wider and they should minimise the mid section and draw attention to those great sexy legs.

If you are an "Apple", shape you should:

Long tunics that fall to the hips help slim the top and campflogue a full midriff. Style with slim cut pants show off your slender legs.
A-line shifts, or dresses or blouses with empire cut waist that fall just below the bust with flared skirt.
Apparels with crowl neck, scoop or V-neck gives an illusion of elongated torso.

Loud prints and patterns such as stripes and shinny fabric like silk and satins on tops.
Cropped tops and short jackets that will cut off the waist.
Tapered pants such as capri that create a heavy bottom look.


Women who are a triangle (also known as pear) their shoulders and torso are much narrower than their hips. Weight sits in their hips and the favorite part of their body may be the upper body. The attention should then be focus on the arms and shoulder and distract from the hips which is the widest part of the body.

If you are a "Pear", you should:

Tailored jackets, empire waists and fitted tops bring attention to your upper body. Pants that fit the hips but flare at the bottom like wide legs, boot cuts or trouser cuts will be easiest to wear and A-line skirts.
Turtle necks, wide-collared shirts or blouses with drapes or puff sleeves to help balance the proportions.
Sleeveless or spaghetti straped dress that flare to A line or full skirt that help emphasize on the upper half.
Choose dresses or tops with intricate details on the neckline that draw attention from the hips.

Cargo pants or bright coloured bottoms with lots of details such as pockets.
Straight cut skirts and bias-cut dresses

Hour Glass

Hour glass ladies are very busty but have a narrow waist and full hips. They have symmetrical curves and the narrow waist creates an hour glass effect.

If you are an "Hour Glass", you should:

Tops that define the waist and v-necks work great on your body. A wrap-dress is the number one dress for your body type and A-line skirts lay nicely. Find pants that hug your hips.
Look for ensembles with V neck, portrait, sweet heart or off shoulder neckline.

Shapeless shift or trapeze dresses that do not show off your figure.
Bottoms that over emphasize on the hips such as gathered skirts.


Women with rectangle shapes are a fairly straight figure with little definition anywhere. They have lean build with fewer curves and more straight up and down figure.

If you are a "Rectangle", you should:


Use clothes to create curves on your body, including waist belts to make a waist. Any type of pant looks great on them and shorts show off their legs better than skirts. Cropped and tailored jackets also help create a figure.

Trapeze dresses, baby doll and halter tops with full skirts or any frocks with V neck and scoop neck and a drop waist.

Vertical lines or stripes that accentuates the rectangular shape.

Bolero jackets or cropped top that cut off the figure and put less emphasis on the curves.

We hope this article helps you understand more about your body shape thereby help you in  choosing the correct outfits when you do you online shopping for clothes.

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