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Online shopping has become the new trend since the dawn of internet age. This has essentially resulted to the emergence of countless e-commerce sites. Individuals who are now living the modern and fast paced world choose to shop online due to so many advantages such as:

Better prices



Price comparisons

No crowd compare to shopping malls

More freedom

Secured and easy purchases

Women generally shop more than men. They usually shop for clothes and other items that they wear on daily basis. Getting clothes such as dresses, tops and bottoms from stores that specializes on women’s clothing is undeniably advantageous. Though these women’s clothes can be purchased from shopping malls or boutiques, many women still prefer to shop online due to the above advantages.

Shop Only SSL Certified Sites

If you do your online shopping regularly, it is highly imperative to commit with a trusted and secured site to ensure your best interest as a shopper. Shopping on sites that are SSL registered with URLS can guarantee a more secured online shopping. Shoppers can tell if a site is SSL secured if they check on the page URL and the lock icon. There is actually a de facto standard among the web browsers to display “lock” icon anywhere in the browser’s window. In addition, the URL of the website normally starts with “https”.


What is SSL?

SSL actually stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is a global standard security technology enabling encrypted communications between web servers and web browsers. SSL is widely utilized by millions of businesses operating online as well as individuals to decrease risk of sensitive information like passwords, usernames, emails, credit card numbers and more from being tampered or stolen by identity thieves and hackers. SSL also allows for private conversations between two intended parties.

Functions of SSL Certificate

To create secure connection, SSL Certificate, which is also referred to as digital certificate is being installed on web servers and fulfill these two main functions:

1) Encrypting data which is being transmitted

2) Authenticating the sites identity and this gives visitors the assurance that they are not on a bogus website.


Significance of Online Shopping from SSL Certified Websites

The biggest significance of online shopping from SSL certified sites is the safest and most secured online shopping experience. SSL secures transmission of consumer data and confirms that the organization and the website are legitimate and are exactly who they claimed to be. There are instances that shoppers are paying money online through online banking services. Since SSL certified websites guarantees secured connection, shoppers will be able to protect their money and sensitive information such as their credit card, bank and personal details.

These are countless sites today allowing individuals to go online but it pays to commit with sites that are SSL registered. This is the best thing to do especially if you are seriously after reliable security when shopping online.

To get the most of your money or end up with products having decent and good value, it is therefore important for you to do your online shopping for clothes from Singapore and overseas with SSL certified sites. To sum up, it is better to be safe than sorry, look out for secured sites with “https” and lock icon in their URLs.

We are pleased to inform that our site is now SSL certified and we are proud to be one of the few online shopping Singapore clothes sites to offer this secured shopping feature. With this improvement on our site, shoppers will be able to do their shopping with an ease of mind.

We hope you will enjoy your shopping with us!







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