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Thu, 2017-07-27

Fashion and trend weave in and out with the passing day. The styles and cuts merge to create beautiful pieces and we are mesmerized by all the fabulous trends circulating about. With the spring and summer merging together, the fashion statements have once again changed in favor of comfortable casuals, chic street wear, and trendy attires. The summery colors are in full bloom and we can’t help but be enchanted by the perfect combination of stylish glamour and comfort. The great thing is that a lot of these outfits are available on our online shopping Singapore clothes store. Take a look at our upcoming collection for these chic outfits that you can use to give your wardrobe a refreshing makeover!

The vintage trend has flooded the market and we are in love with the Boho trend that has emerged in both offline and online fashion. Singapore is in love with this latest way to dress and a number of celebrities have been spotted wearing this trend. This Boho vibes dress is the definition of trendy street wear. The slightly puffed sleeves with V neck and waist belt add the vintage elements to this mid-thigh dress making it a great option for any occasion.

Casuals are a woman’s need and probably our central focus. This beautifully beaded bell sleeves and blouse can serve all your needs. We adore how the sleeves flare out in a detailed double frill but still has a stylish pencil skirt as the bottom. The outfit can be your go to office wear, Singapore street style with jeans or a fabulous choice for that Lunch out with your friends.

High collars are quite the rage at the moment and if you feel colors are not your thing at the moment, try this high collar shirt blouse available in basic colour black and white. The cut is ideal for a summer’s day out, and is perfect to hide any post food lunch babies! Clearly, one of the perfect picks you can find in  the online fashion for Singapore.

Introduce a stylish diversion to your regular outfits with this inverted pleats blouse. With cold shoulder sleeves and a ruffled bottom, this trendy blouse is a must have for the evenings or a get-together. You can have it in a soft peach, a pearly white and jet black hues, each adding a unique flavor to your personality.

If you are up for a high tea or need to attend an evening get together, tis embroidered dress is the perfect choice for you. The midnight shade compliments your figure and the contrasting embroidery adds that extra to make the dress downright glamourous. The intricate detailing on this piece is mesmerizing, all the more reason to have it as part of your trend collection this year!

Another great way to show off the latest trends is with this striped floral embroidered blouse and shirt dress. The details in the embroidered flower on stripes are mesmerizing and add a soft character to the entire piece. Treat yourself to a stylish bit of attire and make a statement with these trendy pieces that is the perfect cross between casual and chic.

Bows are the trendiest accessories at the moment and they go perfectly with the summer outfits. Try the sunny blue ribbon stripe blouse to make a fashion statement anywhere you go. We are in love with the ruffles and the cute bow that pulls the entire blouse into stylish asymmetry. The slight puff at the sleeves only adds more dimension to this chic outfit. Be sure to be a buzz of admiration for this style.

Dresses are a must have for ladies as you always want to dress up and look gorgeous on those fine summer outings. Have a look at the stitch and pleat dress with pleated details down the front and half sleeves. The simple dress allows you to accessories and controls your look. You do want to be the summer maiden, with flowing hair and a lemon yellow or turquoise dress, don’t you? This dress will satisfy all your summery needs for sure!

You can also go polar opposites and embrace the magical black with this stylish, collared black blouse. The body fitting cut makes this blouse a must have for your evenings. Make a statement with this waist length top which you can pair off with a skirt or jeans to create versatile looks for office wear, Singapore night casual or a street wear statement.

Wish to embrace the comfort zone with a stylish, yet minimal effort outfit? Well, take a look at this stripe lace bell sleeves shirt. The lace detailing and the intervening bold stripes with the trendy flare immediately increase the trend score for this shirt by a mile. The great thing is, it is a multi-occasion shirt! Wear it to a picnic, on a lunch date, or a trendy office wear. Singapore is surely the perfect place for diverse office and casual fashion.

Styles and trends change, but we allow you to pursue fashion in your comfort zone. Give your wardrobe a little shake and add these stylish pieces to embrace the new online fashion. Singapore style statements have changed and embracing the new trends will certainly contribute an interesting flavor. You can mix and match a number of these outfits to suit your needs as well. Try pairing a blouse with a skirt for a more formal look, or opt for a jeans for a chic summery vibe! Upgrade your style and your wardrobe and rock the summer days with ease with our upcoming collection launching on 30th July.

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